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The new recording spaces and control rooms of Graffiti Studio and their technical design are inspired by the idea of having a neutral acoustics condition indoor, like in an outdoor space, but with the benefits of not having disturbing noise from the outside. This was achieved by isolation technique known as "room inside a room" and with a separate floating floor for every studio.


The Reverberation Time was perfectly balanced across the whole audio spectrum to the appropriate levels of 0.1 - 0.2 seconds for such critical audio spaces by the use of heavy diaphragmatic absorbers, mass loaded membranes, broadband absorbers and carefully placed hybrid diffusers, ensuring a natural and undistorted sound reproduction down to the lowest frequencies.  


A special care was also taken to ensure and a natural lighting from the outside thus providing the listener with both the auditory and visual perceptional cues needed for one holistic experience.

This is what Mr Cvetan Chobanov (Owner of Graffitti Studio) shared with us regarding the studios:


"It was a big challenge to balance all the acoustic and human requirements during the creation of the new studios, but we did it in a wonderful way. The sound is clear, articulated and isolated from acoustic artefacts in the whole audio spectrum, the stereo picture is accurate and at the same time, the studios feel natural. Perfect studios and perfect sound!"

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