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We are thrilled to present you the recently completed personal and very unique home studio design that we made for our dear friend and true master of trance electronic music and modular synths - Kliment Dichev.  We put everything in the creation of this studio and despite all the acoustic and project challenges - one of which was to reduce the reverberation time nearly 15 times from 3.0 to 0.2 seconds, we accomplished all design objectives and even more. This is what Kliment shared with us about his studio experience a month after the completion of the project:

"After years of music production in mostly below average acoustic spaces, I addressed Krasi Yonchev from Acoustic Waves - a leading acoustician and recording studio designer in our country, but also a long time good friend, for the creation of my new studio space. I knew some of his realised projects which always impressed me.


We went into a specific application into the environment I wanted - a place suitable for trustworthy reproduction of clear sound, enough tolerable for mastering duties and most of all - psychologically and aesthetically comfortable for long hours of use, with enough space to locate the rig. The challenge was to isolate low frequencies from the upper floor bedroom, but most of all create as much as possible balanced sound and sharp stereo imaging, into a small bedroom which dimensions and walls turned out to be very problematic.


Krasi's project work was done seriously but fast, delivered into a detailed schematic cad plans and architectural visualizations which we worked on for two months with a friend so we saved resources from hiring people at the cost of a lot of effort but also personal involvement. Measurements were done at least three times during the build, because this was a very personal and experimental studio acoustic project so the last additions were calculated near the end.


After installing my equipment, we couldn't believe what we achieved. My Neumann  KH310 produced a sharp, balanced sound, into a 3d dimensional field which is very large and open. Most of all impressed me the experiment of switching between mono and stereo: sound becomes a kind of line right in the middle, and then in stereo floods the room into a space that sounds much bigger than it actually is. 


I needed very much a more "natural" sounding environment than dampen one as I use the room daily and I can't stand this "muted" sound for too long. This actually was a request to Acoustic Waves from the very beginning and they delivered it!  Now i have a flat acoustic response on all frequencies, especially the problematic low register, but it's a room where you could even sleep without nightmares. And the neighbor too, even at higher loudness.

Good studios are easy to learn. They sound so well, that eqing becomes like a kids game. As I travel a lot around the globe, I must say the results are way higher than my initial expectations for the project. This is going to be a very productive place, suitable even for recordings!


Very, very professional project. Highly recommended!

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