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Welcome, studio F - our new production, mixing and mastering facility designed for Mr G. Nikolov. The studio is the second build of our own PSE (Primal Studio Environment) concept and design philosophy, based on our most recent psycho-acoustic research and developments. The main objective of the design is to provide both a natural environment for the listener and a critically damped room for the loudspeakers. 

This is what Mr Nikolov shared with us recently about his new facility:

"When I decided to start this project I wasn't fully aware of the end result I would get. I had never had the opportunity to listen to sound waves in such a properly treated room, so I didn't have real sound experience and a high personal standard to be able to distinguish the poorly treated rooms and home studios I have visited so far from the product I would get.


After a quick, very informative and thorough consultation with Mr Yonchev, I already knew it would be worth it, even before I was able to confirm it personally. The end result I got was exactly as I imagined it would be - a room sounding so clean and devoid of unwanted resonances and comb filtering, that absolutely every sound was as crystal as possible. The clever employment of the front wall diffusers completed everything, giving a wide and spacious stereo picture, where all single elements were sterile and didn't interfere with each other.


Its amazing how one cannot even define or point a problem in the sound, caused by these physical limitations of untreated spaces, but when listened in such properly calculated and custom-engineered room, you literally get the feeling that "until now" you were being lied about what true sound really is, but not anymore. 


Simply amazing."

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