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The Sofia based TABA Record Store recently commissioned Acoustic Waves to design and renovate the acoustics and sound isolation properties of their small but very intimate venue situated in a lively residential area. The venue had an extended reverberation decay in the lowest octaves and was subjectively perceived as boomy by the store listeners, and very annoying by the neighbors. Acoustic Waves were addressed to solve both the issues. This is what Vladimir Stamenov, co-founder of TABA, shared with us months after the completion of the project: 

Venue Acoustics Design And Sound Isolation Services For TABA Records

""Krasi is an easy going person and without question - a professional! You can always tell when a person loves and understands his job to impressive details. After consulting with him about our idea of ”a bit of sound treatment” for our dj booth, we came to a decision that what's best for us is to go for a fully customized design for the entire store. Acoustic Waves provided the best solutions for our budget and the results are beyond impressive! The acoustics and the sound insulation are refined and enhanced. The venue is already being used to its full potential and everyone who enters the store notices the good design work and the attention to details. Thank you!"

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