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The acoustics renovation in A-Side of a club "Mixtape 5" has been completed and we are happy to report that the results from the measurements have matched the pre-designed acoustic parameters with high precision. Now the venue has a very well controlled acoustic environment down to the lowest octaves.


Mixtape 5 is a concert venue in the centre of Sofia, Bulgaria. It started in 2011 as a nightclub but rapidly diverted to become a music venue. Before its acoustic refurbishment, the venue had an extended reverberation tail in the lowest octaves and was subjectively perceived as boomy sounding hence it lacked resolution. The audience in front of the stage were suffering from an absence of low-frequency energy while overwhelmed in other areas. Acoustic Waves was addressed to solve the issue. 


Have a look at the case study of mixtape 5.








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photo credits: Creative Visual Solutions




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