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Artmospheric Festival, the mountain gathering for deep tripping music and alternative culture, will take place in July, a decade after the idea was born, high up in the Bulgarian western Balkan mountains.  For a third year, Acoustic Waves Workshop will be a part of the festival program. We will hold an open dialogue session on topics related to room acoustics and perception of sound in different acoustic environments.

Festival Info:


This year's night main stage music line-up will explore the bridges between several musical concepts at the core of Artmospheric aesthetics, transforming an evolving mixture of intelligent grooves and mystic spatial atmosphere blended with lights and visual tunnels into a long, high-resolution dancefloor journey. Traditionally, the daylight hours will feature more organic and panoramic music, fading from dubby electronica through idm and abstract jazz to cinematic sound and space rock.

An integral part of the festival map, the small forest stage, with its parallel program including experimental concerts, jam sessions, live projects and DJ sets, will in addition host an intro ambient night on Thursday, 14th.

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