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The concert of Ozric Tentacles at club *Mixtape 5* was one of those very special moments which will resonate for a long time in our minds... Ozric were amazed by the acoustic environment of the venue: 


"Every time i speak i can't believe how nice it sounds in this room. I'm so looking for it tonight. I feel like i'm in a studio. This place is absolutely perfect.


After the end of their magical concert Ozric said:


"Mixtape was as good as I've ever heard any venue sound. It was truly perfect; I couldn't have asked for anything better, far beyond my expectations of the club. I've seen a hell of a lot of clubs in my life and I can't help but notice and appreciate real quality when I see it, or hear it."


We are honoured to receive such positive feedback from a band that has more than 30 years of experience on stage and more than 30 released albums! Thank you Ozric Tentacles!





photo credits: Orleff Photography



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