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Earlier in the year, we were commissioned to design the acoustics and the sound insulation of the new studio facility of Sound Ninja Music Academy -  independent and highly respected school for music production, mixing and audio engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are very excited to report that the construction was completed and the studio is now ready to welcome its academy users and all new sound ninjas!  This is what Hristo Rachev (owner and main brain behind the academy) shared with us recently about his sonic experience in the completed studio.

"In Sound Ninja Music Academy’s fifth year of development the need to build a new and professional, industry standart reference room arose alongside many questions and uncertainties, concerning such a project - location, design, contracting options, cost and time needed for realisation. After lots of research and discussions with local and foreign studio designers, we have decided to put our trust in Acoustic-Waves and Mr. Yonchev, who accepted the challenge to create our new studio.


Our requirements for the project were many and also very specific, quite much different than the average reference room. The studio is being used mostly for mixing, mastering and music production lessons holding usually more than only one or two people, all listening from different spots in the room. It is also part of a bigger 150 sq.m. facility, so we needed it to be perfectly soundproof, but still connected through analog and digital routes to other rooms. The studio also overlooks a busy city street, so the right amount of ambient interference had to be achieved for the well-being of people working inside.


Throughout the whole building process, Mr. Yonchev was constantly on board, always around and seriously involved on many levels with sincere care about the results, challenges and on-the-fly project alterations. Since we generally believe communication is key, in this situation it was a major factor for the succesfull completion of our space. It was also e huge learning experience for the whole Sound Ninja team and we have a newly found appreciation of the room and ergonomics of the environment we work in.


The results are quite much beyond our initial expectations and what the whole teacher team and our students agree upon is the exceptional detail in stereo imaging perception and representation, the even and truthful frequency response of the room, relating not only at the focal point of the speaker system and also last but not least the clean and functional interior. Even though the feeling and sound of the room is quite much different from all our studios so far, there is a very quick and natural learning curve as well as a sense of security about all creative and technical decisions that need to be made during lessons or sessions inside the studio.  


We are looking forward to tweak the room acoustics even more based on the ongoing client feedback, further measurements and research as well as the evolution of our own teaching process. We are super happy that Mr. Yonchev is along for the ride and is always as excited and enthusiastic as we are ourselves.

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